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The most civilized people are as near to barbarism as the most polished steel is to rust. Nations, like metals, have only a superficial brilliancy. - Antoine de Rivarol, 1753 - 1801

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I use parts of this site so constantly that I work around some problems without even noticing them. Goaded by a reader's comments, I have just overhauled the main search page — I think you'll find it much easier to use, particularly for searches on author names.

Sources: If you're spent any time looking for quotes on the internet, you know there are thousands of totally bogus quotes. You'll find quite a few here, although fewer every day. For example, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” What he said was that wine is “a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.” If you see a quote and there isn't a source citation attached, it's a good bet that it is, at best, a paraphrase, very possibly from the pen of a different author, and not really credible. Our quotes are over 55% sourced, and it's better every single day. Many authors here are now fully sourced, even if old Ben isn't among them. Yet.

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